About Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment

About Blue Sky AtlantaHi, I’m Jim Tiernan. Two decades ago, I made an observation that changed my life.  I noticed that many brides, families, party planners, and corporate event planners were having a tough time finding “talent.”  You know: Real, true talent. Jaw-dropping, applause-inducing talent. Talent that sticks in your memory for years.

I use the word “talent” because I’m not just talking about musical bands. I’m talking about any type of performer, from DJ’s to magicians, from comedians to caricature artists. People are hungry for affordable, talented performers who can entertain at their parties, family reunions, weddings, and corporate events. But they don’t know where to look.

That’s as true today as it was 23 years ago.

At that same time, I noticed that plenty of the people in my network – truly talented individuals – were having a hard time getting discovered by people who would appreciate them.  So I decided to become a “connector.” I began linking brides and event planners with talented performers.

Two decades later, I’m still going strong.

Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment was born in 1992. We’ve had the honor of connecting hundreds of folks – ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individual brides – with talented performers such as DJs, musical bands across all genres, Elvis impersonators, magicians, and artists.

About Blue Sky AtlantaWe’ve served countless weddings, parties and special events across the metro Atlanta area. When you’re planning a wedding, corporate party, family reunion, or any other type of event, you don’t want to take a gamble on the entertainment. You want to know that both the talent and the logistics behind that talent are experienced, confident and reliable.

That’s a service we’ve been proud to provide for 22 years and counting.

Sure, I could list off some of our past clients, which include the Coca-Cola Company, the 1996 Summer Olympic Games, The Home Depot, Manhattan & Associates, GE, Pfizer, Callaway Gardens, the Ritz-Carltons, and many more.

And yes, I could tell you about some of our prestigious affiliations, which include the International Special Events Society, the National Association of Catering Executives, and Meeting Professionals International.

But none of that is as significant as the smile on a bride’s face when a pianist starts playing a beautiful rendition of Wagner’s wedding march. Or the joy on a young child’s cheeks when he watches a magic trick. Or the excited buzz of the crowd when a DJ starts playing during a bat mitzvah.

So if you’re planning a lasting memory – whether that’s a convention, a company picnic, or a graduation party – connect with me. Reach out and say, “Hi, Jim.” Let me know how I can help.

Jim Tiernan