Rehearsal Dinner

The dates are winding down, your wedding is almost here, and the rehearsal dinner is the next thing on the list. Your rehearsal dinner is meant to be a fun and relaxing time for you and your guests, and there are bound to be many memorable and entertaining moments throughout the evening. Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is thrown in honor of the bride and groom to be, and is hosted by the grooms parents, but times are changing and it can really be hosted by anyone. Once you determine the host, venue, and catering, booking the right entertainer for your rehearsal dinner can really help to create the perfect evening.

Blue Sky Atlanta has been helping pair the best entertainers in Atlanta with their bride and groom for rehearsal dinners, ceremonies, and receptions for decades. We’ve found that many brides, grooms, and their guests remember the entertainment over everything else for the evening. Through our history of pairing brides with the perfect entertainers for their rehearsal dinner, we have helped to create those entertaining evenings and memorable events. We accomplish this for you by carefully listening to your rehearsal dinner ideas. Sometimes clients know exactly what they want, and other times clients are looking for direction or recommendations. Whatever level of involvement you need, Blue Sky Atlanta is here to help create the perfect rehearsal dinner for you and your guests.

Out of all of our rehearsal dinner entertainment bookings, pianists, jazz bands, classical guitarists, and for those trying to kick things up a notch, a live band can really get your guests moving. In contrast, there have been types of entertainment that are less frequently booked, but have produced more smiles, laughs, and memorable evenings than most. These types of entertainment are magicians, German bands, and comedians. Despite these being non-conventional forms of rehearsal dinner entertainment, it has proven to leave brides, grooms, and their entire guest party leaving with wide smiles. Contact Blue Sky Atlanta today for more information about booking a live entertainer for your wedding or event.

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Jazz Bands


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Classical Guitarist


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German Bands