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G Clef and The Playlist Band

G Clef and The Playlist Band
    Funk Top 40 Band weddings and private parties and nightclubs in Atlanta

    Don’t let the small size fool you; this 4-piece powerhouse band sounds like an 8-piece!  The Playlist has some of the best musicians in the industry, some of whom have played for Brick, SOS Band, Aretha Franklin, Chicago, Ohio Players, Gino Vanelli, Slave, Theodis Ealey, Donnie, and Red Zone Entertainment.

    For several years, Glen has led this band into many big-league situations that require superior musicality, unparalleled professionalism, and personable relations with clients. Born in Boston and living in Decatur, this lead vocalist and keyboardist has a sound and style that is tailor-made for any situation.  Recognized in Atlanta music circles as “G Clef,” “Maestro,” “Human Jukebox” and “The Professor,”

    Glen specializes in knowing a wide range of musical styles, every one of which he infuses into the Playlist.  Growing up in Atlanta, Glen began singing at age five, then playing drums at nine, piano at twelve and bass guitar at fifteen.  In addition to his work with the band, he is also the music specialist at Tara Elementary in Clayton County, the keyboardist/vocalist for the corporate band Party Nation, and the minister of music at his church. 

    His endless roster includes national artists such as Brick, Lionel Hampton, Dizzy Gillespie, Gwen McCrae, Percy Sledge, SOS Band, Lil’ G (formerly of Silk), Dottie Peoples, Aretha Franklin and Motown artist Donnie as well as local icons John Beal, Teddy White, Quinn and Jukebox, Total Package, Kevin Wyglad, Seven, the late Theresa Hightower, Tony Tatum and the late Trav Wright.

    The questions begs to be asked: how can a 4-piece band sound like an 8-piece? “It’s simple,” Glen explains. “Our performance fills a venue’s atmosphere the same way an 8-piece band’s would, only four people are generating the sound. For one, everyone in the band sings. They don’t just sing any part; they cover all the harmonies required of the original recordings.

    Most bands require an 8-piece just for covering singing parts alone. Second, instrumental parts are covered and covered well, even if I go out front and work the crowd. Finally, we cover a wide range of repertoire from a wide variety of artists. Most small bands are novelty bands that only cover a certain genre of music or pay tribute to one or two artists.

    This band, however, performs most genres of music that most clients like, including hits that other bands, big or small, do not play. That’s why I call it ‘The Playlist.’ All your favorite songs are in one band.  Our range of repertoire meets or beats a client’s requirements, all at a price that meets or beats a client’s budget. By the way, if you want more musicians on stage such as a horn section or a female vocalist, we can accommodate that as well.”

    Besides all the reasons already given, why should clients pick you, even if they can afford a larger band? “Simple again,” Glen says. “Our attitude speaks customer service. We play to the client, and we play to the crowd. Most musicians are motivated by their own favorite music and their interactions with each other on stage. What drives us, though, is the same thing that drives our clients: good music that they like, a packed dance floor that they can’t leave, and professionalism that they can’t put a price on. I tell clients all the time: your playlist is our playlist.”