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Atlanta German Band

German Oktoberfest Band
    The Atlanta German Band holding their Instruments

    Laurence “Laurentz” celebrates his German heritage (Fischer) and has fun doing so with “The Atlanta German Band“.

    Laurentz and his tuba have made numerous trips bringing American Jazz around the world (yes, including Germany) and he now presents exuberant German sounds in the southeast. The band performs traditional German Oktoberfest music as well as popular American-style Oom-pah music. Laurentz gets his love of music from his “Pennsylvania Dutch” lineage and wants to promote this genre of music wherever he and his great band go throughout the world. The “boys in the band” also feel that the inclusion of some great beer and high cholesterol foods is vitally important to the American diet (at least in October!) The instrumentation and style of the band are German-American. The front line is Trumpet, Clarinet, and Tenor Sax with Tuba, Accordion, and drums rounding out the rhythm section. “Whoopie John” Wilfahrt made big impressions on Laurentz as a boy and the “Six Fat Dutchmen’s” tunes could be heard in his home while growing up. They have always loved Frankie Yankovic and his hits dot their repertoire that also includes Slovenian and Polish selections. The Katzen perform in various configurations from a trio (trumpet, accordion, and tuba) up to the full six-piece band with trombone drums and clarinet are added, From listening to favorite waltzes, Schottisches, Polkas and there’s tons and fun and excitement for all! Yah! Quote: Call (678) 467-8263 for the Best Quote Today!

    Polkas Aber Heut’ Sind Wir Fidel Bankle Tanz Beer Barrel Polka Clarinet Polka Das Ganze Haus Ist Schief Deutschmeister Regiments Marsch Friendly Tavern Polka Good Fellows Polka The Happy Wanderer In Heaven There Is No Beer Helena Polka Heidewitzka, Herr Kapitän! Ich Bin Ein Bergvagabund It’s a Small World Lichtensteiner Nun Ade, Du Mein Lieb’ Heimatland Paloma Blanka Pennsylvania Polka Schützenliesel Too Fat And of Course….. Lilli Marlene The Chicken Dance!! Waltzes Ach Du Lieber Augustin Auf Der Reeperbuhn Dorfmuzik Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen Du Kannst Nicht Treu Sein Edelweiss Freut Euch Des Lebens Gib Acht Den Jahrgang Heartbeats In 3/4 Time Heute Blau Innsbruck Jodler In München Stadt Ein Hoffbrau Haus Kleine Winzerin Vom Rhein Kufsteiner Lied Kornblumen Blau O Mosella! Schön Ist Die Liebe Im Hafen The Skater’s Waltz Snow Waltz Trink, Trink, Brüderlein Trink Tulips of Amsterdam Waldeslust Wer Soll Das Bezahlen? Wo Die Nordsee Wellen Wunderbar

    “Just like Munich!”

    – Jorn Foth, former pastor, German Church in Atlanta

    "We are deeply concerned with the way your music promotes the consumption of alcoholic beverages and high cholesterol foods." 

    -M.D. Kiljoy, M.D. -Concerned Academy of Concerned Physicians

    "Thank you for your promotion of alcoholic beverages and high cholesterol foods."

    -Heidi von Stein President, Beer Wranglers Association