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Comedian at a corporate event
May 20, 2024

Corporate meetings often carry a reputation for being dull, routine, and strictly business-oriented. However, integrating humor, particularly through professional comedians, can revolutionize these gatherings. For an entertainment and music website like Blue Sky Atlanta, this exploration into the intersection of comedy and corporate culture highlights an innovative approach to enhancing workplace dynamics.

The Power of Humor in the…

 How to Choose the Right Musician for Your Event
May 14, 2024

Selecting the perfect musician for your event is crucial to its success. Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a lavish wedding, or a casual get-together in Atlanta, the music sets the tone and creates the ambiance you desire. But with myriad options ranging from jazz ensembles to rock bands, and classical soloists to DJs, how do you choose? This guide will walk you through the steps to find the right musician based on the event type, your…

Top Tips for Hiring a DJ for Weddings
May 6, 2024

Planning a wedding involves countless decisions, and one of the most crucial is selecting the right DJ. The music at your wedding sets the tone for the entire celebration, making the choice of DJ about more than just picking someone who can play your favorite songs. It's about finding a professional who can ensure your wedding flows smoothly and that your guests have an unforgettable time. Here are some top tips on what to look for in a…

Hiring a Solo Musician for Your Event
April 30, 2024

When planning to hire a solo musician for your event, there are several factors to consider to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and your guests. Here's a detailed guide based on various aspects you should keep in mind.

Understanding Costs

The cost of hiring a solo musician is influenced by several variables that can significantly affect your budget. These include the musician's level of expertise, the…

 Balancing Creativity and Business
April 22, 2024

Introduction: The Harmony of Art and Enterprise

We're diving into the melodious world of musical artists who successfully balance their creative passions with the nuts and bolts of business. It's a dance as delicate as a symphony, blending the raw emotion of music with the strategic moves of commerce.

Understanding the Tension

For many artists like Jamie, a jazz musician in Atlanta,…

Crafting a Compelling Stage Presence
April 16, 2024

Introduction: The Art of Engagement

Welcome to the world of performance, where the difference between a good show and a great one often lies in the power of stage presence. This blog will delve into the essential techniques and personal anecdotes that help performers—from musicians to speakers—connect deeply with their audience and leave a lasting impact.

Understanding Stage Presence

Unforgettable Children's Parties
April 8, 2024


Welcome to the enchanting world of children's parties, where every giggle is a treasure and each moment is a brushstroke on the canvas of childhood memories. Today, let's embark on a delightful journey, guiding you through the whimsical twists and turns of planning a party that not only celebrates a special day but also captures the essence of childhood wonder. From choosing the perfect theme to ensuring every little guest leaves…

Navigating the Business Side of Entertainment
April 3, 2024

Welcome to our little corner where we shine a light on something that often stays backstage but is crucial to our journey – the business of performing. You know, the part that doesn't always get the applause but is essential for keeping the lights on and the show going.

Building Your Brand as a Performer

First, let's talk about your brand. Yep, as performers, we're not just selling our skills; we're selling a…

Jazz and Blues in Atlanta
March 26, 2024

Atlanta's jazz and blues history is a tapestry woven with vibrant cultural threads, unique personalities, and historical moments. In this storytelling blog, we'll delve into why Atlanta is renowned for its jazz and blues heritage, tracing its roots from the early 20th century to the present day.

The Early Years: A Melodic Beginning

Atlanta's jazz and blues story began in the early 1900s. Post-Civil War Atlanta…

The Evolution of Wedding Music
March 20, 2024

Let's chat about a topic that's crucial to any wedding - the evolution of wedding music. From the traditional marches to the trendy beats that now grace the aisles and dance floors, wedding music has undergone a fascinating transformation. So, whether you're planning your big day or just love the magic of weddings, join me on this melodious journey through time, exploring how wedding music has evolved and what it means for your special day.…

Impact of Music on Event Atmosphere
March 12, 2024

Today, let’s dive into a topic that’s close to my heart and crucial for any event - the impact of music on the atmosphere of an event. Whether it’s a grand wedding, a corporate gala, or a casual backyard party, the music you choose can make or break the vibe. So, let’s explore how music sets the tone for events and why it’s more than just a background element. Grab your favorite drink, and let’s get into the rhythm of this conversation!…

 Integrating Live Music with Other Event Elements
March 6, 2024

Today, let's chat about something that can truly elevate any event - the integration of live music with other key elements. Whether you're planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a casual get-together, the way you blend live music with aspects like décor, lighting, and catering can transform your event from ordinary to extraordinary. So, grab your notebook, and let's explore the symphony of possibilities that await when you harmoniously…

showcases a sophisticated corporate event with a live band and engaged employees
February 29, 2024

Hello, corporate planners and business enthusiasts of Atlanta! Today, let's chat about something that's often overlooked but can be a game-changer for your corporate events – music. Yes, you heard that right. Music isn't just for parties or concerts; it's a powerful tool that can transform your corporate gatherings, boost employee engagement, and leave a lasting impression. So, grab a cup of coffee, and let's dive into how music can elevate…

Themed Music Nights: Bringing Unique Experiences to Atlanta's Nightlife
February 20, 2024

Hello, Atlanta! Are you ready to spice up your nightlife with something a little different? Let's talk about themed music nights – a trend that's taking our vibrant city by storm. From decade-specific parties to genre-focused extravaganzas, themed music nights are not just events; they're time machines and cultural explorations that promise unforgettable experiences. So, grab a drink, settle in, and let's brainstorm some fantastic themed…

The Art of DJing
February 7, 2024

Welcome to our deep dive into the world of DJing, a realm where creativity meets rhythm, and where the pulse of Atlanta's vibrant nightlife finds its heartbeat. Today, we're not just talking about playing music; we're exploring the artistry behind the turntables. Whether you're an aspiring DJ, a music enthusiast, or simply curious about what goes on behind the decks, this conversation is for you.

The Journey Begins: Understanding the…

Live Performance from a Blue sky Atlanta Artist at Your Next Event
January 27, 2024

Events, whether corporate gatherings, weddings, or private parties, are about creating memorable experiences. One of the most impactful ways to elevate these occasions is through live entertainment. Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment stands out as a premier source for exceptional live performances. Here’s why booking an artist from Blue Sky Atlanta can transform your next event into an unforgettable experience.


Atlanta: The Heartbeat of Music and Entertainment
January 20, 2024

Atlanta, a city renowned for its vibrant culture and dynamic music scene, stands as a beacon of entertainment in the United States. This bustling metropolis, often referred to as the "Hollywood of the South," has become a hub for artists, musicians, and entertainers from around the globe. In this blog, we'll explore why Atlanta is one of the top cities for entertainment and music, supported by insights from Blue Sky Atlanta Music &…

Wedding Season lettering on wood
January 12, 2024

Wedding season is a magical time for couples planning to tie the knot, but figuring out when it starts and stops and why it's important can be a bit of a puzzle, especially when you're looking to book the perfect entertainment and bands. Let's have a chat about it.

So, when does wedding season really kick off?

Well, traditionally, wedding season starts in late spring, around May. It's when the weather starts…

How to Choose the Right Band for Your Event
January 6, 2024

Planning an event in Atlanta? Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or a casual get-together, one of the most crucial decisions you'll make is the entertainment. Music sets the tone for the entire event and can make or break the atmosphere. Choosing the right band is not just about finding a group of talented musicians; it's about finding the perfect soundtrack to complement your event's theme, audience, and personal taste. Here's a guide…

A Guide to Atlanta's Music Scene
December 28, 2023

Welcome to Atlanta, a city pulsating with a rich musical heritage and a vibrant contemporary scene. Whether you're a long-time resident or just passing through, diving into the local music scene is like opening a treasure chest of cultural gems. From soulful blues to hip-hop beats, Atlanta's music landscape offers a diverse array of sounds and experiences. Let's embark on a journey through the city's melodic heartbeat and discover what makes…

Memorable Corporate Events in Atlanta
December 19, 2023

Hello, corporate event planners and business professionals in Atlanta! Are you gearing up to plan your next corporate event and looking for ways to make it truly memorable? You're in the right place. In the bustling business hub of Atlanta, corporate events are not just meetings or gatherings; they're experiences that can inspire, motivate, and leave a lasting impression on your team and clients. Let's dive into the art of organizing…

Seasonal Entertainment Ideas
December 11, 2023

Hello, Atlanta event planners and party enthusiasts! As we journey through the seasons in our vibrant city, each one brings its unique charm and opportunities for unforgettable gatherings. Whether you're planning a cozy winter get-together, a lively spring celebration, a sun-kissed summer bash, or a festive fall event, the right entertainment can transform your occasion into something truly special. Let's explore some seasonal entertainment…

Evolution of Entertainment in Atlanta
December 7, 2023

Welcome to a nostalgic trip through Atlanta's rich entertainment history! As a city that has always been a melting pot of cultures and musical styles, Atlanta's entertainment scene has evolved dramatically over the years. From the soulful rhythms of the past to the eclectic beats of today, let's explore how the city's music and performance landscape has changed and shaped the vibrant metropolis we know and love.

The Early Days: Jazz…

Wedding Music Trends in Atlanta
November 29, 2023

Hey there, lovely couples of Atlanta! Are you in the midst of planning your dream wedding and feeling a bit overwhelmed with the music choices? You're not alone! Music is the heartbeat of any wedding, setting the tone and creating memories that last a lifetime. Let's dive into the latest trends in wedding music right here in our vibrant city of Atlanta, and find out how you can make your big day sound as magical as it looks!


DJ vs Live Band
November 14, 2023

Hey there, lovely couples! You're probably neck-deep in wedding planning, huh? Today, let's tackle one of the most exciting parts – the music! It's a big decision: DJ or live band? Both can be amazing, but which is the perfect fit for your big day? Let's dive in and explore.

The Magic of a Live Band:

Imagine this: a live band serenading you and your guests, setting a romantic, electric atmosphere. There's…