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The Kinnigans Irish Band

Irish Celtic Traditional Folk Band for St. Patrick's Day
    Irish Folk Music Band - St. Patrick's Day Band - Pub Song Jigs and Reels

    Grab a pint of Guinness as you are about to take off to “the ol’ sod” with this traditional Irish music band known as The Kinnigans formerly known as The Buddy O’Reilly Irish Band and later Ah, Surely.

    John and his great group of Irish folk musicians have entertained Atlantans for over 15 years with no end in sight. It doesn’t have to be St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) to enjoy all the flavor and the feel for the Irish heritage, the people and their great love of thrilling jigs, reels, hornpipes and revolutionary songs passed down through the ages.

    Over the course of its career, the band has released several recordings, all available on CD, including Under the Table, ‘Round the House’ featuring champion step-dancer Brent Wood), and a Christmas album titled A Celtic Christmas. Selections range from traditional arrangements of popular jigs and reels (The Bank of Turf/Speed the Plough/the Earl’s Chair/The Foxhunter’s Reel) to haunting ballads (Bridgit O’Malley) to raucous pub songs (The Town of Ballybay). Instrumentation includes: Vocals, Fiddle, Flute, Mandolin, Irish Uillean Bagpipes, Harmonica, Banjo, Tin Whistle, Guitar, and Bodhran, and hand held drum. The Kinnigans is the perfect band for an informal gathering in the backyard or a corporate Irish themed party. Jigs and reels and Celtic music in the air brings out the best in everyone! Looking for that quintessential band for S. Patty’s Day? Look no further!

    Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment is proud to represent this truly authentic band that performs Irish folk music year-round and they only get better with age. Quote: $1000 – 1,250 during the year. Quote: $2,000 – 2,500 during the week of St. Patrick’s Day March 17th!

    Irish Reels

    Ward's/Sean Ryan's /Garrett Barry's G/A-/Dmix Rolling Waves / Willie Coleman's / Cliff's of Moher D / G / ATell Her I Am / Gallagher's Frolics G/EPipe on the Hob / Hag at the Churn Ador/ Dmix Geese in the Bog / Old Hag you have Killed Me C / Dmix Song of the Chanter / Humors of Ballyloughlin D / D Rose in the Heather /Out in the Ocean /Lilting Banshee D/G/A Paddy Kelley's / Paddy Fahey's / Cliffs of Moher D/ G-/ A dor Crabs in the Skillet / Statia Donelly G-/D White Petticoat / Scatter the Mud E- / AOrphan / Mist Covered Mtn E- / G- & A Thrush in the Straw/Healh to the Ladies/Boys of the Town G Behind the Bush in the Garden / Paddy O'Rafferty (A- / D) Mendocino Redwood / Hag at the Churn Jimmy Clifford / Gobby O Jimmy Clifford / Key to the Convent Daithi Sproule's / River Bend E- / D Calliope House/Andy de Jarlis D/E Frost is All Over / Andy de Jarlis / Pipe on the Hob E/ Ador Yellow Wattle / Cor an Earraigh Banks of the Lough Gowna / Ward's Jig B-/ G Donnybrook Fair / Geese in the Bog/ Hardiman's G/A-/BMurdo MacKenzie /Paddy Kelley's (A/ D ) Pipe on the Hob / Humors of Ballyloughlin A

    Irish Jigs & Hornpipes

    Wise Maid / Sally Gardens D/G Jackie Coleman's / Father Kelly's / Star of Munster D/G/AMerry Blacksmith/Kerrigouarch/After Battle Aughrim D/E-/AKnocknabower 1 & 2 / Baledesmonde G/G/ARodney's Glory / Old Bush A-/Dmix Breton tunes A-/EOver the Moor to Maggie / Mountain Road G/D Sporting Paddy / Mulqueen's A-/ D Ships are Sailing / Toss the Feathers E- /D Cooley's / Peeler's Jacket E- /G Charlie Harris /Finnish / Jessica's polkas D/B-/A Lady Ann Montgomery / Cameronian D / D Boys of Malin /The Scholar /Swingin' on a Gate A/D/G Bill O'Malley's /Lochaber Badger/Belles of Blackvll G/E-/ABeare Island/Dinnie O'Brien's//Maudabawn Chapel D/Edor/G Broken Pledge / Old Hag of Galway Dmix/GMy Love is in America / Morning Dew Dmix/Edor Star of Munster / Julia Delaney A-/ D- (or Tuttle's) Hunter's Purse / Tuttle's A- /DMike Coogan's / O'Neil's Calvalcade E-/ EMaid Behind the Bar / Tarbolten D/Edor Musical Priest / Congress Reel B- /Ador Broken Pledge / Old Hag of Galway Dmix/GDaruch da Brun / Peeler's Jacket / Ships are Sailing D/G/EO'Carolan's Concerto / Loftus Jones D / G Providence/Eileen Curran's D/GBanshee / Silver Spear G / D Boyne Hunt / Banshee D / G Coleman's / Bonaparte's D /D Frenchie's / Fireside / Reel de Remi Bb/G/D Old French / La Cardeuse D / ETommy Coen's / John Doherty's G- / ABanks of the Ilen / Master Crowley's D/Edor Le Ruisseau Francaise / Bill Malley's Barndance D / G

    A local Irish music institution.
    – The Atlanta Journal Constitution

    The “Buddies” shake the rafters with a rollicking good time!
    – The Celtic Quarterly

    Local Celtic music institution…energetic, jig inducing music.
    – Atlanta Journal Constitution

    They play the music with craft and respect, playfulness and fire.
    – The Flagpole Athens, GA

    The coolest…
    – Creative Loafing, Atlanta, GA

    The Buddy O’Reilly Band are naturals…the Buddies generate quite a rumble when in full swing…this is a fun group who can really handle their instruments.
    -Dirty Linen Magazine

    Don’t miss Atlanta’s premier Celtic band…Excellent!