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One-Man Band Steve

Piano Bars & Weddings
    Steve sitting in front of a piano

    One-man Band Steve is a genius when it comes to recording, singing and keyboard work.

    This native Atlantan is in a category all by himself. Since his early days performing around the south with his band the Miles Brothers, Carey has grown into one of the most widely respected musical performers in this part of the country. His work has included writing jingles for national companies and recording audio and video for countless corporate clients throughout America. His love of vocal ability started with influences from the likes of The Four Lads, Elvis Presley and the Beach Boys. Steve pays tribute to popular performers like Bobby Darin, The Eagles and as diverse a list of contemporary recording artists as you can think up.

    Steve is as comfortable performing a classic Motown hit as he is crooning a country favorite in a local piano bar or in your living room. He has that comedian Bob Hope-like sense of humor that is both refreshing and engaging. Audiences love this very special performer. You will too!

    Quote: $850 – 1,000