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6 Benefits of Hiring a Live Music Band For Your Wedding

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Are you one of the 81 percent of couples who changed their wedding plans due to the pandemic? Some chose to have a small intimate or virtual ceremony in the past year. Others have postponed their wedding. As we emerge from the restrictions, many couples are now planning their dream wedding. This may be the delayed one or a follow-up to the abbreviated one last year. When planning the reception, consider hiring a live music band.

This can be just the right touch for your special day. Keep reading to see how your wedding can benefit from live music.

Benefits of Hiring a Live Music Band

Atlanta has some of the best live music bands located right here. This gives you a unique opportunity to create a memorable event for you and your guests. The following gives an overview of how live bands will make your wedding a success.

1. Create Your Desired Atmosphere

Music adds a special element to every wedding. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, “Music is the universal language of mankind.”

While you know your guests, they often don’t know each other. Music fills the room and sets the tone for your reception.

Guests feel at ease and tend to interact with strangers more. Live musicians unite everyone in a memorable celebration of your love. You’ll find that individuals stay longer and socialize more with each other.

2. Choose from a Variety of Styles

You have many options to choose from to create your desired ambiance. If you want a more relaxed, formal tone you may want a harpist, piano, or string trio or quartet.

Do you love jazz? Consider hiring a jazz band including drums, piano, saxophone, upright bass, and trumpet. This can give your event a more unique experience compared to other weddings.

There are live bands all over Atlanta that would love to play for your wedding. You can find any type of genre and bands that play a variety of music styles. This ensures that all your guests will enjoy the music.

3. Keeps Your Guests Motivated to Stay

Live bands know how to read their audience. If the crowd seems to slow down, they’ll pull out classic favorites to rev up the excitement. The musicians often play a mix of covers and original music.

If you wish, they can mix in crowd games and contests to keep individuals engaged. This ability to adjust on the fly makes a live band a huge asset to keeping the party going.

4. Professional Quality Sound

In today’s world of technology, people have little patience for tech failures. Hiring a professional band who’s familiar with the venue reduces these issues. You can feel confident that they have the proper equipment and expertise.

High-quality sound is key to your guest’s comfort and enjoyment. This ensures that speaker volumes are at the right level. Overly loud music is uncomfortable and many people will leave to escape it.

The acoustics and music will be clear and free of muffling. This means your guests will understand the lyrics and even join in the singing.

5. Live Bands Provide a Show

As the world works through the pandemic, some areas are still under restrictions. Thus, some couples have chosen to have a reception with a concert-style band. This creates a fun event even without a dance floor.

If you’re able to have a dance floor, the band knows how to get people up and dancing. They’ll handle to “first dance”, “parent dance”, etc. if you wish to include this as part of your reception. These entertainers also excite the crowd during the traditional garter and bouquet toss.

Professional bands also may provide lighting effects to make it feel more like a party. This enhances the entertainment value and crowd excitement.

6. Live Entertainers Provide Flexibility and Support

Even with months of planning, there are times when things get off track. These professional musicians want to help make this day as special as possible. If something goes wrong, they’re prepared to help manage the room and keep the party going.

If you need them to fill in if you're delayed in arriving, for example, they’re ready. If there’s a weather issue or other situation, they can make announcements. This helps direct your guests to take necessary actions and keeps everyone calm.

The key is that they’re able to adapt on the fly to meet your needs. Things happen, but how it’s handled makes the difference in how your guests will remember your day.

Make Sure Your Wedding Entertainment Works in the Venue

As you plan your wedding band, it’s important to make sure the location can meet the performer’s needs. Are you looking at using one of the following popular wedding venues?

  • Atlanta Athletic Club
  • Atlanta Botanical Gardens
  • Callanwolde Fine Arts Center
  • Capital City Club
  • Cherokee Town & Country Club
  • Crowne Plaza Ravinia
  • InterContinental Hotel
  • Little River Farms
  • Piedmont Driving Club
  • Primrose Cottage
  • Roswell Mill Club
  • Regis Hotel
  • The "W" Hotel
  • The Georgian Terrace Hotel
  • The Grand Hyatt
  • The Payne-Corley House
  • The Peachtree Club
  • The Swan Coach House
  • The Sylvan Hotel
  • The Wimbish House

Blue Sky Atlanta Music and Entertainment provides full-service wedding entertainment at these venues. This makes choosing live music easy knowing that location can accommodate your wishes.

Are You Planning a Live Performance in Atlanta?

Atlanta has many types of performers and live music bands for hire. Blue Sky Entertainment is your source for the right entertainer or live music band.

We offer magicians, music ensembles, bands, and other types of live performances. Our company has managed a wide variety of events in Atlanta, GA for over 23 years. Examples include wedding ceremonies and receptions and private, corporate, and country club events.

Get in touch today to talk to a consultant about planning entertainment for your event.