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7 Reasons a Corporate Event DJ Can Make the Event a Success

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Corporate events can present an imposing task for planners. Event planning is often hurried and must meet the corporate goal. Whether the objective is employee morale or promoting a product, you must entice people to attend.

Once you “get the party started,” it’s important that the guests enjoy themselves and engage in the event. Without an anchor to keep your audience, you can’t achieve the event’s goal.

Hiring a corporate event DJ can be the key to encouraging people to stay and enjoy the party. Keep reading to learn more about including a professional DJ in your event planning.

What is a Corporate Event DJ?

When planning an event, choosing the right DJ can have a big impact on the event’s success. They can also take on all the entertainment planning duties. That’s one less thing on your to-do list.

They possess a broad knowledge of music genres across several decades. Their state-of-the-art technology and equipment create the right music environment.

Depending on the purpose of your event, guest entertainment can impact your business goals. Hiring a professional DJ is a wise investment.

Why Should You Hire a Proven Professional?

Professional DJs offer much more than just playing songs for a couple of hours. They create a mood and help keep their audience engaged and at the party. We have compiled a list of key reasons to use a professional DJ to increase your event’s success.

1. Impact of Music on Events

Does music really make a difference in the success of your event? One study looked at the audience appeal of music festivals.

They found that having music creates a fun and festive atmosphere. It also increases opportunities for socialization. The study divided attendees into 4 categories:

  • "Just being social”
  • "Enrichment over music”
  • “The music matters”
  • "Love it all”

No matter the reason, music can bring people to your event and encourage them to participate. This can foster many new social and business interactions.

2. Increase Networking

Your event goal may be to increase employee morale or promote a product. Regardless, you need attendee interaction.

The most successful events create an engaging and enjoyable experience. A relaxed environment allows people to meet and increases networking.

Professional DJs know how to break the ice and get the guests up and mingling. This helps all guests to feel included and increases their sense of belonging. Attendees who feel welcomed have more confidence and interest in the event.

3. Tailoring the Event

When planning corporate events, it’s key to consider who the audience will be. What is their age range? What type of personality are you trying to entertain?

Choosing the right music sets the mood and affects interactions among the guests. Loud music, for example, may amp up the crowd, but it’s hard to have a discussion. Some people may dislike the music, become annoyed, and leave.

If the music is too slow and quiet, guests may become bored and go elsewhere. Thus, it’s important to talk with the DJ before the event and describe your target audience and goals for the event. Professional DJs watch their audience's responses and make adjustments to increase engagement.

4. High Tech Effects

Quality professional DJs now use software such as Pro Tools, Audition, and Audacity. This allows them to remix their own songs.

They can also create special effects to get your guests on their feet and keep them entertained. These techniques may include frequency and volume controls, echo, reverb, and more.

Since professional DJs need bookings to continue their business, they use quality equipment. This includes the best music systems, microphones, and speakers. This ensures a comfortable pitch for the guests without startling squeals.

Introducing variety into the music allows you to tap into the music interests of all your guests. This is a far cry from the DJs of old who only played cassette tapes or CDs start to finish.

5. Professional Insurance

Many professional DJs carry insurance to protect themselves, the venue, and the client. This insurance means they have the authority to practice as a DJ and have registered with the state.

As the event planner, you know that the DJ’s equipment cost is covered in the event of damage. The DJ’s insurance also provides financial protection in the event of injury or damage to the venue by the DJ. This decreases your company's potential liability.

6. Additional Entertainment Services

Professional DJs do more than just play music. They can act as the MC and entertain the audience between songs. They manage lighting in the venue to create different effects that match the music.

DJs provide increased reliability as well. With a live band, there are risks of mistakes in the performance. The band might have trouble with some members falling ill or experiencing an injury. This may decrease the quality of the performance.

A band will only have one general sound and style. In contrast, the DJ has the benefit of many different artists to choose from. This allows them to cover all the entertainment bases.

7. Positive Perception of Company

The details of your event can impact your guests' impressions of your company. Hiring a professional DJ can elevate the prestige of your corporation. The guests feel more confident in the high-quality of your business.

Winning potential clients' favor can translate into business opportunities. In a party atmosphere, developing client relationships become easier and more beneficial.

Are You in Charge of Planning Events?

If you are responsible for planning a corporate event, consider including a corporate event DJ in your plans. This decision can reap innumerable benefits for your business.

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