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Atlanta Party Bands: How to Book a Band for a Wedding or Private Party

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Do you imagine your guests dancing happily away to an awesome band at your wedding? If so, you better jump on learning how to book a band for a wedding.

The best wedding and private party bands get snapped up, and you’ll want to make sure you secure a great option for your big day.

Contrary to what others may say, it’s not necessary to hire an event planner or booking agency to find you a great band. With the right guidance, it’s easy to do it yourself.

That’s where we come in to help. Here’s how to book a band for a wedding or a private party.

Do Your Research

Of course, you’ll need to spend some time researching hire a band for your wedding. If you’ve been to any wedding or parties that featured a memorable band, ask the couples or party hosts for that band’s contact details.

You can also reach out to family or friends who have attended a wedding or party where they felt the band stood out and ask for a recommendation.

If you’ve already decided on your wedding or party venue, it’s also worth asking the staff working at that location if they use any bands there often. Such venues are a great source as often they’ll only use quality bands that are dependable and offer a high degree of professionalism.

Decide What Type of Band You Want

A big question to consider when booking a band is what type of music you’d like played. Do you want smooth hits from Marvin Gaye? Or maybe you’d prefer something more upbeat, with tracks by Beyonce?

There are many different types of bands out there, you just need to find the right one for your wedding or private party.

Nowadays many bands are set up to play a huge range of music to suit the tastes of many different guests. That means your 70-year old grandma will be as entertained as your little nieces and nephews that love to bounce around to energetic tunes.

If you prefer a certain genre of music, it’s also possible to find a specialty group that focuses on a specific type or era of music. These can include jazz, Motown, the ‘80s, Latin bands, pop, and cover bands, for example.

Include All Relevant Information in Your Enquiry

Once you do find the band of your dreams, make sure you include all the relevant information required in your inquiry.

Initially, all a band needs to know is the event type, the location, and your budget. If you know the details, it’s also helpful to offer some information on what sound and lighting are provided, if and what any hospitality is offered, and any other details that you think are relevant.

Once you’ve secured your band, you can let them know the more technical details. Some of the questions they may ask are:

  • Is there a soundcheck?
  • Is there a line check?
  • What’s available for the backline?
  • Do we need to bring mics?

These details are all crucial for a band to function at their best, and more than often they get left out.

Get the Agreement in Writing

When the negotiations are finalized, you should always get the agreement in writing. While many may be comfortable with a ‘handshake agreement’, we strongly recommend you seek a firmer agreement in writing to arrange a wedding band contract.

This will give you peace of mind understanding that the band will meet the conditions and expectations of your agreement, and it will also be the same for them.

Keep in Touch the Right Way

For bands, two things are frustrating when booked for a show: receiving way too much information, and way too little.

There are lots of details the band needs to know that could get left out. This includes what time to load in, the time to soundcheck, where exactly they’re going, what backline is offered, if and where they’re staying, what food is provided, plus anything else that’s relevant.

It’s best to avoid sending this information in separate emails, but bands will understand that some parts are figured out closer to the event than others.

Keep in touch but be careful not to overwhelm and annoy your band by inundating them with emails. Bear in mind that your wedding almost certainly isn’t the only event they have on their calendar, and they’re bound to be busy. Try not to overpower them, or this can create a bad atmosphere before the big day, which you certainly don’t want.

Remember, if you’ve booked a quality band, they’d have done this plenty of times before, and know exactly what they’re doing. They’re professionals, after all.

On the other hand, don’t be that couple that barely provides any information at all. In such cases, many bands will just try to figure out the information from the website provided, which isn’t a nightmare but isn’t ideal either.

Ready to Book a Band for a Wedding or a Private Party?

With our advice, hopefully, you feel ready to book a band for a wedding or a private party.

Remember, being organized and being friendly to bands is the best way forward when booking a band. The better you treat your band, the better the performance you’ll receive leading to a more enjoyable band experience for everyone.

In many cases, you can tell when a band is enjoying playing at an event, and when they’re just there to make money. Get the dream wedding performance you’ve always wanted by ensuring everyone is happy!

If you’re looking for top quality-bands in the Atlanta region, we’re here to help. Check out our options here.