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Acoustic Duos

Guitarist-Vocalist Michael K.


Michael K. brings all the warmth and talent to the stage that anyone would want.  His passion for his music is immediately evident.  He can capture your heart just by one casual listen.  He has studied and honed his craft from New York to California with stops in between.  Cover tunes are his specialty and he nails just about every good pop singer out there today.

Guitarist-Vocalist Steve

The Guitarist-Vocalist Steve is an exceptional entertainer and the go-to choice for anyone seeking a dynamic singer and guitarist who can breathe life into songs spanning from the 1970s to today.

Steve's performances reflect the honed skills acquired over decades of engaging with audiences, singing, and growing as a musician. His passion for his craft is palpable, captivating audiences with his renditions of cover songs.

Harvest String Duo

The Harvest String Duo consists of Teri Abler on violin and JP Hester on guitar, this duo performs throughout the Southeast performing selections from Bob Dylan to Beethoven. Combining their classical training with their love for modern music, the duo puts a unique perspective on almost any song or style.

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