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Guitarist-Vocalist Steve

The Guitarist-Vocalist Steve is an exceptional entertainer and the go-to choice for anyone seeking a dynamic singer and guitarist who can breathe life into songs spanning from the 1970s to today.

Steve's performances reflect the honed skills acquired over decades of engaging with audiences, singing, and growing as a musician. His passion for his craft is palpable, captivating audiences with his renditions of cover songs.

Jazz Guitarist Mike

Since his arrival in the fall of 1996 to Atlanta, jazz guitarist Mikey has become one of the most sought after straight-ahead jazz guitarists in the area.

Originally from Rochester, New York, Mike subsequently resided in New York City where he performed at some of Manhattan’s more prestigious jazz venues including Condon’s, Birdland, The Village Gate, Fat Tuesdays, and Showman’s Lounge. He has appeared with Charles Davis, Al Grey, Della Reese, Richie Vitale, Junior Cook, Joe Romano, and Ralph Lalama.

Banks & Shane

Banks and Shane: Where the Party Never Stops

Banks and Shane is not just a band; they are a high-energy, roof-raising, crowd-thrilling experience. With their explosive performances, they've had audiences around the world dancing in the aisles to their party anthems and reminiscing with unforgettable ballads. Regardless of age, Banks and Shane have the extraordinary ability to transport their fans back to the excitement of Spring Break.

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