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5 Tips for Choosing Entertainment for a Little River Farms Wedding

Little River Farms Wedding

Little River Farms is one of the most prominent and elegant wedding and special events venues near Atlanta. This family-owned facility is located in Alpharetta and features indoor and outdoor spaces that are ideal for your big day. 

If you're planning a reception here, then you've already made a great decision. Now, it's time to find your perfect entertainment!

Will you go with a lively and upbeat party band or an intimate guitar soloist? What about a DJ or jazz trio?

The possibilities are endless, and the search can feel overwhelming. We're here to help! Today, we're sharing five key tips that can help you make a decision that you'll feel great about for years to come. 

1. Start With the Venue

Before you set your sights on a particular musician or artist, it's important to understand the layout of your wedding venue. You'll also need to have a solid grasp of how much room you can designate for your entertainment. 

At Little River Farms, the showstopping centerpiece is the 5,000-square-foot outdoor pavilion. This area is ideal for dancing, eating, and celebrating. It would allow plenty of space for a big band, such as the 12 South Band

Based out of Nashville, 12 South Band is known for its elaborate and mesmerizing performances. When you book this group, you can expect an array of talented singers, intricate choreography, even outfit changes!

If you'd rather go with a local act, then you can't go wrong with the Blue Sky Atlanta Band. For 25 years this group has performed all types of live music and entertainment for local events. 

As long as the venue you've booked has the capacity to spread out and accommodate a big musical performance, then go ahead and schedule one for your wedding! Little River Farms offers a sprawling outdoor area that's ideal for even the most sizeable band.  

If you'd rather hold your reception indoors, then there are several smaller areas that you can set up with tables, linens, and chairs. When you go this route, a smaller-scale act like the Blue Sky Jazz Quartet would fit perfectly. 

2. Consider Your Musical Tastes

You could hire an incredible musician for a great price, but if you don't love the wedding music that they create, then the value isn't there. While you're choosing your entertainment, be sure to keep your own personal preferences, as well as your fiance's preferences, in mind. 

Ultimately, the musician you choose should reflect your shared tastes. Don't feel pressured to go with a popular or trendy option, but think about the type of music that you're most likely to listen to when you're home alone or riding in your car.

That's the music you're naturally drawn to, so use that as a guide! For instance, if you love to listen to acoustic singer-songwriter jams, then start your search with our talented guitarists, like Guitarist-Vocalist Logan. A premier Atlanta musician, Logan is skilled at performing a variety of musical genres, with an extensive song list that's sure to include many titles you recognize. 

As you plan your wedding at Little River Farms, remember that the entertainment you select will be the soundtrack to one of the most important days of your life. The venue is stunning and the grounds are immaculate, so make sure you love the act you select just as much. 

3. Incorporate the Wedding Vibe

Next, think about the overall vibe of your wedding. Little River Farms is a gorgeous backdrop and can help you bring any type of vision to life. If you love the jaw-dropping landscapes all around the venue, then why not plan a bucolic, nature-inspired reception?

With this type of event, you can bring in different types of modern farmhouse touches, including plenty of simple greenery and rustic elements. These weddings tend to be more relaxed, with a laidback vibe that encourages guests to kick off their boots and hit the dance floor.

If a casual country feel is what you're after, then check out the setlist for the A-1-A Jimmy Buffet Tribute Band. Led by musician Jeff Pike, this group delivers plenty of chill, along with songs that everyone in your party will recognize!

If you're planning an elegant and upscale wedding at Little River Farms, then a string quartet would fit in and complement the scene beautifully. Known for playing classical music, the Amadeus String Quartet is a natural choice. All of the members of this quartet hold advanced degrees from prestigious conservatories, and the selections they play are both jaw-dropping and universally appealing. 

4. Total Your Number of Guests

Unless you really want to make a major impression, you don't need a big party band for a crowd of 20. Rather, this smaller group would be better suited for a duo or a one-band band, such as One-Man Band Steve. From Mowtown standards to country classics, Steve can play it all, and he's a great fit for a smaller wedding at Little River Farms. 

On the other hand, if you plan to max out the venue's capacity and host 250 guests at your reception, then look for a bigger group that can deliver enough volume to make an impact. You may even consider booking an act like DJ Rick to keep everyone on their toes!

By tallying your total number of guests, you can make sure that the entertainment you hire is appropriately-sized in terms of musicians and instruments. 

5. Consider Reception vs. Ceremony

Do you plan to have music playing as your wedding party walks down the aisle? If so, will the entertainment be the same at the reception? Or, will you have two designated acts, with each one assigned to a specific time slot?

If you only want to invest in one entertainment option, then look for a group that's versatile enough to keep your crowd entertained for the duration of your event. In most cases, a soft string band is ideal. The familiar sounds of the viola, cello, and violin are instantly relaxing and mesmerizing. 

Blue Sky Strings is one act to consider. While these artists are skilled at classical music, they can also play familiar pop hits as requested. This way, your bridesmaids can line up to Pachelbel's Canon in one moment, and everyone can dance to a top-40s hit in the next!

Hire the Perfect Entertainment for Your Little River Farms Wedding

Deciding to host your wedding at Little River Farms is an excellent decision. This serene venue offers a breath of fresh air and a feeling of peace that you can't always find in the hustle and bustle of the big city.

The right entertainment can transform your day and keep your guests talking for weeks to come. As you browse all of the available local acts, we're here to make your search easier. Contact us today and we'll help you connect to some of the best live musicians in the greater Atlanta area!