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5 Tips for Organizing a Memorable Corporate Event

Tips for Organizing a Corporate Event

Did you know that businesses that plan corporate events have better employee retention than those that don't?

Whether you plan corporate events for employees or clients, everyone loves a good get-together. A corporate event can boost morale, bring people together, and help you stick out in potential clients' minds.

But a bad event just makes everything worse. So make sure that your event does the job right by engaging these five tactics.

1. Curate a Guest List for Your Corporate Event

One of the most important aspects of any corporate event is deciding who will be there. A corporate event planner should check in about whether this is an external or internal event.

Are you inviting just employees of the company? Is this an event to foster good feelings among current clients? Is this event about bringing in new clients? 

Once you establish those goals, you'll best decide who to invite. Once you know, make sure that you're bringing people together who will enjoy spending time together and will give your event the most value.

2. Design Your Event

Corporate event planning is all about creating a memorable atmosphere. The more the attendees remember how the event looked and felt, the more they'll be thinking about your company. 

Choose a corporate event venue based on the atmosphere you have in mind. A black-tie event should be held somewhere of very high quality and elegance. A corporate festival can be held outdoors in a location as unremarkable as a parking lot. 

As you plan your design and venue, make sure that you have your budget in mind. If location is important to you, a large portion of the budget may go to that. Otherwise, that may be a place in the budget to try to save on.

3. Keep Corporate Branding In Mind

As you design your event, it's important to keep in mind your established corporate branding. If your brand is youthful, carefree, or outdoorsy, a formal black-tie cocktail hour may not interest you or your guests.

What are your clients like and what are they most likely to like out of an event? What kind of music will they be most excited to hear at your event? Always cater to your own image and to your ideal client's identity.

4. Prioritize Guest Experience

Above all, while planning your corporate event and during the event itself, check-in and make sure that you are prioritizing the guest experience. Leave time in the itinerary for people to relax, talk, and enjoy themselves. No one wants a product pushed in their face every second of an event.

During the event, go around and make sure that everyone is having a good time. If you see an issue, address it quickly and seamlessly. Follow your carefully planned itinerary, but leave enough slack room to make sure people can enjoy each part of the event to its fullest potential.

5. Give Them Something to Leave With

Everyone loves a goody bag. And it doesn't have to be a lot! A single branded item, a treat, and a business card go a long way in helping your event stay fresh in someone's mind.

Whatever you hand out, make sure that it's high quality. If you're giving out mugs and they all break the next day with the first cup of coffee, that isn't going to leave a good impression.

Corporate Events for the Win!

With these tips, your corporate event is sure to be a slamming success. Just make sure that you keep sight of your brand, your clientele, and the guest experience. 

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