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A Complete Guide to the History of Wedding Entertainers

History of Wedding Entertainers

Isn't it weird to think that wedding entertainers were not always a thing? Back in the day, you and your significant other would head to the courthouse, have a witness, sign some papers, and you'd be married!

Nowadays, it looks completely different. 

You spend months planning for your wedding entertainment like DJs or live wedding bands, catering, and other event planning needs. You want it to be perfect - the best day of your life.

Things have certainly changed! Let's dive into the history of wedding entertainers to learn a little more about just how much things have changed.

Music Entertainment

Back in the day, things looked a bit tamer. It wasn't until the late 1900s that things began to change. In 1960, Roger Squire started his very first mobile disco (and the first of the time). He would go around with his mobile disco to various events, like weddings.

Once Squire made this a new thing, other mobile discos started popping up. Once one good idea occurs, people have to copy it, right?

From then on, Squire decided to up his game. He began to supply service equipment and DJ sound booths and disco systems to other DJs so that they could go around and do the same - both in the UK and abroad.

It is from then on that hiring DJs and musicians for weddings has become a thing.

Dancing At Weddings

From the time that the DJ mobile disco came about and DJs started playing as entertainment at weddings, the dancing also began to change.

The traditional dancing that would occur at weddings back in the day no longer happens. It is more of a free for all. As long as there is a dance floor, people will be out there dancing the night away - in no true traditional form (other than the father-daughter and mother-son dances that occur!).

How to Choose the Best Wedding Entertainers

With event entertainment high on the list of wedding planning to-dos, how do you know how to choose the best wedding entertainers?

The first thing is first. You have to decide the vibe that you are going for. You can either hire a DJ for some more upbeat songs and electronic music, or you can go with a live band that would play more classical songs and probably be a bit tamer. 

If you want to go all out, you could do both! Hire the live band for the start of the reception and the DJ for the night to party the evening away!

Hire Your Wedding Entertainers 

Once you decide who you want your wedding entertainers to be, it is time to hire them, so they don't get taken by another wedding couple!

Contact us at Blue Sky Atlanta Music and Entertainment to hire your wedding entertainers. Choose from one-man bands, DJs, string musicians, tribute bands, and so many other artists and entertainers for your wedding!