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DJ vs Live Band: Which Should You Choose for Your Wedding?

DJ vs Live Band

As we move through the biggest wedding boom in years, thousands of people are attending weddings, planning weddings, and having weddings. If you're in the planning category, you've got a lot of big decisions on your hands.

What colors should your bridal party wear? What kind of food should you serve? Should you hire a wedding DJ or a live band?

While we can't help you with the first two, we can provide some insight into the question of DJs vs live bands for weddings. The good news is that you can't go wrong, either way. All you need to do is measure the pros and cons to decide what fits your needs.

Read on for our guide to picking between a DJ and a live band for your wedding.

The Pros and Cons of a Wedding DJ

Let's get this party started by talking about wedding DJs

If you like a wide variety of genres and you want to put together an eclectic playlist that spans all eras and regions of the world, a DJ is your best bet. Not only can DJs access a huge library of original tunes, covers, and remixes, but they can typically take requests on demand. Plus, DJs don't take up a ton of room, making them perfect for a small venue.

The downside? While a DJ can read the room and make choices based on how your guests seem to react to what they're playing, there is only so much they can do to change things like the tempo of a song. Where a band can slow things down or cut things short, DJs are limited to the audio equipment and recordings they've brought with them.

The Pros and Cons of a Live Band

Now, let's get lively and talk about live wedding bands.

There's nothing like seeing musicians making music before your very eyes. Live bands provide great entertainment and keep guests engaged in an unforgettable way.

That said, live bands are limited to the style of music they play and the songs they know. They may not be able to cover every song you love and requests will be limited to what they're familiar with. Plus, wedding bands tend to cost more because you're paying for more entertainers and hours of active playing, which might not fit your wedding budget as well as a DJ.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Entertainment for Your Atlanta Wedding

Only you and your beloved can decide what kind of entertainment will make your special day perfect. Whether you're looking for a DJ or a live band for your wedding, we've got some advice: work with premier entertainment services to find the best match.

Blue Sky Atlanta is proud to serve couples and event planners in the Atlanta area by matching them up with top-tier entertainers. Contact us and let us know about your wedding plans and what you're looking for in your musical vendor and we'll be in touch right away.