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Find the Best Wedding Performers for Any Budget in 2022 In Atlanta, GA

Best Wedding Performers

Setting a budget for your wedding can be challenging if you've never done it before. You should budget for the finest part of the celebration, the entertainment, in addition to the major costs like venues, food, and flowers.

Once you've figured out your budget, it's time to start thinking about wedding performers. But how do you find the best wedding performers for your specific price range?

Here, we're going to help you figure out how to find the best wedding entertainment for your special day. Keep reading to stick to your budget while providing a memorable experience that nobody will forget.

Wedding Performers for the Ceremony

Setting the mood when your guests are seated is a wonderful way to begin your special day. Of course, you'll want special music playing while you and your spouse walk down the aisle with your wedding party!

Depending on your arrangements, the wedding musicians usually perform for anywhere between 30 and an hour throughout the ceremony. The price will probably increase if there are more artists in the group.

$150 to $250 per hour:

  • solo bagpiper
  • solo cellist
  • solo harpist
  • solo pianist
  • solo violinist
  • solo singer

$300 to $500 per hour:

  • classical duo
  • mariachi band
  • string trio

Solo musicians help create the right mood and tone for the wedding. Although they aren't as beautiful-sounding as a trio or quartet, they will add something special to your day.

Wedding Performers for Cocktail Hour

Keep your wedding guests entertained while you're getting your pictures taken or just enjoying some time with your new husband!

The majority of brides and grooms choose soft background music to set a calm mood while guests chat and enjoy their cocktails. The majority of appointments are for an hour, just like the ceremony.

$150 to $250 per hour:

  • classical guitarist
  • saxophone player
  • drummer
  • one-man band
  • singing guitarist
  • singing pianist

$300 to $500 per hour:

  • classical ensemble
  • jazz band
  • steel drum band

The cocktail hour could be boring without live wedding musicians to set the tone. Make sure you hire the best wedding performers when planning your big day!

Wedding Performers for the Reception

You may finally have a party with family and friends once you're legally wed! Since you'll probably want them to stay for a few hours, the cost of wedding entertainers for your reception is typically the greatest.

$200 to $300 per hour:

  • jazz singer
  • wedding DJ
  • wedding singer
  • acoustic band

$300 to $800 per hour:

  • country band
  • cover band
  • R&B group

The reception is the part of the wedding that's the most fun! You don't want to have a boring reception, so make sure you find live wedding entertainment that fits within your budget.

Find Wedding Performers for Any Budget

It's difficult to stick to a budget when planning an elaborate and memorable wedding. However, it doesn't have to be hard to find wedding performers that fit within your budget.

Ready to book the music or entertainment for your event? Make sure to visit this page for all of your wedding and large event needs!