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Hire a Holiday Band for Your Event

Hire a Holiday Band

Listening to music helps to reduce stress -- a holiday band is a perfect backdrop for an office party, holiday party, or another corporate event.

Hiring a professional entertainer will impact the atmosphere at the event. It can influence people to let loose and make the event more memorable. It is a significant factor in guest satisfaction.

Hiring the right holiday band for an event is a process. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Holiday Band vs. DJ

Before hiring an entertainer, consider whether your event needs a live holiday band or a DJ. 

A holiday band is more dynamic and can rally the crowd; in fact, live music creates more dopamine in the brain than recorded music. Live bands are great for high-energy events. The downside is that they cost more, take up more space, and are louder than a DJ. 

Hiring a DJ is more affordable and their set list is more customizable. DJs require fewer breaks and are easily replaceable if something happens. However, it's a one-man show that is less entertaining and if there is an equipment problem, there will be no music.

Search Online

When hiring a band or DJ, start the search online. The easiest place to start is the Google search bar. Type in "live band" or "DJ" and your area.

Some bands and DJs also have examples of their work on sites like Soundcloud or Spotify. 

Look for a Website

A professional holiday band or DJ should have a professional website. The website should have videos of their work at past events.

Avoid hiring a band or DJ without a website. 

Set Up a Meeting

Before committing to an entertainer, meet with them in person. You can prepare interview questions to determine their level of professionalism.

For example, ask about things like their attire, equipment, and what will be done in case of cancellation. 

Ask About Experience

A professional event needs an experienced entertainer.

However, the nature of that experience is an important factor. Someone with years of experience solely in the wedding industry may not be appropriate for a corporate event. 

Check Reviews

An experienced and professional entertainer should have reviews available, whether on their website or on their Google listing.

Never hire someone for any type of service without checking the reviews first. 

Stick to the Budget

Of course, corporate events are often limited by a budget. When meeting with entertainers, don't forget to ask about the cost.

Remember that hiring a cheaper entertainer may mean worse quality.

Ask an Entertainment Service

An entertainment service can streamline this process for you. Blue Sky Atlanta Music & Entertainment is one of the premier full-service entertainment services in Atlanta.

With a variety of entertainment ranging from live music to several other options, our professionals strive to offer some of the best talents in the region.

Don't hesitate to contact us and hear more about our services.