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How to Book Live Music for Private Parties

Music for Private Parties

Did you know that there are currently more than 16,000 musicians employed in the United States? With this many musicians to choose from, it can be hard to find the perfect entertainment for your private party. 

Before you dive into the online world of musical entertainment, you need to determine your budget and decide on your list of must-haves for your party. 

Luckily, we've compiled a list of steps to help you along the way. Keep reading to learn how to book live music for private parties!

Consider Your Budget

Before you find a band or DJ for your party, you need to consider how much you're able to pay them. Many entertainers have a pre-determined fee for events, and the last thing you want to do is end up with a bill you didn't prepare for. 

On average, people pay around $3,000 to hire a live band. Hiring a DJ is slightly cheaper, with the average price around $1,000. Look over your budget and decide how much you're willing to pay for party entertainment.

Decide on a Genre of Music

Once you've determined what your budget is, it's time to decide what genre of music will best fit your party. Different entertainers specialize in different genres. You'll need to know what you're looking for before you begin your search.

Here's a list of questions to consider as you determine what music genre will best suit your private party. 

  • What does your audience like to listen to?
  • What are the current trends in music genres?
  • What's the purpose of the entertainment? (Are you trying to get people to dance, or are you wanting to provide peaceful background music?)
  • What style of music would best match your venue?

Find Specific Songs

If you've ever thrown a party before, you know how important it is to provide your DJ or band with a song list! To ensure that you hear the music you want to be played, give your hired entertainer a list of songs you would like to hear. Many bands are even willing to learn new songs if they're important to you!

If you're at a loss for what to play, look for a song list on your entertainer's website. They can tell you what songs they know and offer suggestions to help you get started. Live entertainers know that party planning can be difficult and they want to help!

Look through Reviews

Before making any big decisions, look through online reviews. If you look someone up and they only have a handful of good reviews, you may want to consider booking someone else for your party entertainment.

Your goal is to ensure that your guests have a good time, so consider other people's opinions when booking entertainment for your party. 

Get Entertainment for Private Parties

Once you've set a budget, chosen a genre, found specific songs, and looked through reviews, it's time to book your party entertainment.

Booking live music for private parties doesn't have to be a stressful process. Contact us today so we can help you find the best live music for your event.