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How to Find the Perfect Magician for Your Birthday Party

perfect magician

Over 85% of magicians are men, leaving just 15% of female magicians for your birthday party. 

What are your other requirements? Are you hoping for a rabbit out of a hat? Or perhaps you want the never-ending colorful handkerchief trick. Or, the thought of card tricks makes you squeal with delight! 

As you go in search of a magician for a birthday party, there are things you should know, keep reading to know all the ins and outs of making the right magic choice! 

Finding a Magician for a Birthday Party 

There's magic in there! Perhaps your birthday party theme just has a general magic theme, perhaps your theme is Harry Potter, or perhaps there is no theme at all and you're just looking to add a little magic sparkle. 

The first step in finding your magician is finding the perfect niche for your party! Do some research into the different types of magicians that you can get, but here's a short list to get you started:

  • Sleight of hand magician 
  • Comedic magician 
  • Illusionist 
  • Escape Artist magician 
  • Animal magician 
  • Quick change magician 
  • A mentalist 

These are just a few to get you started, but there are countless other kinds like tech magicians and spiritualists. 

The Type of Party You're Having 

Any kind of magician needs to be seen and heard for their show to be a success, so if you plan on having really loud music or a band, then make sure you book the magician for a quieter part of the evening. 

Perhaps during the reception or welcome cocktails to keep the guests entertained. 

Book a Consultation 

Once you have a shortlist of potential magicians, book a consultation with them to discuss the ins and outs of the party and the party entertainment. 

For example, your table layout can have a serious impact on the magician and his particular set of tricks. This can help you decide who to hire. 

Also, things like an inside versus an outside event can have an impact on the magician's tricks, so it's important you discuss all elements of the birthday party up front. 

Look Them Up 

Even if your budget isn't crazy big, most magicians will have a website and a social media platform. This gives you the perfect opportunity to check out their gallery and check out their style. 

Also, you can have a read all their reviews and see if previous customers have been satisfied or felt disappointed. It's a good starting point for deciding who you might be choosing. 

Making Magic Moments!

The magician for a birthday party can make or break the atmosphere, so you should really take your time when choosing the right one. 

Our last bit of advice is to be transparent on your budget with the entertainers that you're considering, some may be negotiable if it's out of their busy season! 

Now that you've got the magic all sorted, why not head on over and check out our music talent