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The Top Wedding Entertainment Ideas for a Party

Wedding Entertainment Ideas for a Party

In the year 2022, experts expect around 2.5 million weddings. This means you must think outside the box to make your special day stand out for your guests.

Playing with themes will definitely give you a creative edge. But your family and friends will remember the entertainment they experienced over any decoration.

Keep reading for the top wedding entertainment ideas that will make your big day extraordinary.

Disc Jockey/MC

Hiring a DJ may not seem forward-thinking. But, there is a reason that so many couples opt for this type of musical entertainment at their wedding.

A disc jockey can play literally anything and everything to give each guest something they like. Many people love the traditional dance songs played at weddings.

The uniqueness comes in who you hire to play music and MC. Every personality brings something special to the night.

Solo Musician

You cannot beat live music as entertainment at any event. Make your reception stand out by hiring a solo musician for your wedding entertainment.

A pianist will make the night feel timeless and romantic. Bringing in a guitar player will liven the vibe. Or, you can completely surprise your guests with a harpist to completely enchant the night.

With this type of live music, you can perfectly match the theme of your wedding. It also makes it feel more exclusive to the people who came to celebrate your union.

Band Music

When searching for Atlanta wedding entertainment, consider hiring a band. Bringing together a group of talented musicians tends to get people up on their feet.

A band can bring versatility by playing a wide range of songs. They can also tailor some lyrics to make them perfectly match the couple they are singing for in some instances.

For an upscale feel, put a jazz band on stage for everybody to move and groove all night. If a specific group holds meaning for the bride and groom, then a tribute band makes a great entertainment choice.

Do you want to wow your grandparents? Consider hiring a barbershop quartet. They will bring a sense of nostalgia and fun to people of all ages.


Your wedding will mark one of the most magical moments in your entire life. Why not add to that sentiment by hiring a magician?

You've never been to a wedding with this type of entertainment? Exactly! You will give your guests something unique to remember.

Hire him to release doves during your kiss or for a little show leading up to dinner. You can still bring on a musician later in the night.

Mix and Match Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Are you finding it difficult to choose between these awesome wedding entertainment ideas? Mix and match to make it a full night of excitement!

You can bring in a special show for part of the night and then finish out with a DJ. It's your day to create the party you want.

At Blue Sky Atlanta, we aim to please! Contact us to book your wedding entertainment!