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What Is the Best Music Choice for Your Capital City Club Wedding?

Capital City Club Wedding

Atlanta's Capital City Club was chartered on May 21, 1883. Nearly 140 years later, the mission of the club still stands. This premier, upscale venue is dedicated to ensuring that members are well taken care of at every turn. 

If you're fortunate enough to snag a wedding reception here, then you know from the beginning that it's going to be an event unlike any other. To make sure your day goes exactly as planned, it's important to make major decisions as early as possible. 

This includes choosing your wedding music. The Capital City Club is the ideal backdrop for an array of different artists, so let's take a look at a few of your options. 

A Look at the Capital City Club

Before we dive into the types of wedding entertainment available, let's go over the basic details that you need to know about hosting a wedding at the Capital City Club.

First, this is a private club. If you are not an active member, then you can still host an event here if a member agrees to sponsor you. Once you have a date secured, it's time to take a look at the different reception areas available. 

In all, the Capital City Club features six appointed gathering spaces. These include: 

  • The Ballroom (325 for a seated event and 350 for a reception)
  • The Peachtree Room (80 for a seated event and 100 for a reception)
  • The Venetian Room (64 for a seated event and 100 for a reception)
  • The Bobby Dodd Room (81 for a seated event and 100 for a reception)
  • The Capital Room (40 for a seated event and 50 for a reception)
  • The Woodruff Room (16 guests for a seated event)

As you choose the perfect space for your big day, begin by considering how many guests you plan to invite to your reception. This can help you narrow down your options and ensure that you have enough room to accommodate everyone. It can also play a role in your musical selection. 

Go Soft and Classical For Smaller Parties

Once you count all of your invited guests, do you find that you have around 50 or fewer? If so, then the Capital Room or the Woodruff Room at the Capital City Club would both be ideal. 

In a smaller-scale area such as this, it's smart to keep your musical entertainment pared down. Instead of a supercharged party band, why not go with something a little softer, like a jazz quartet or a harpist? 

Classical music is a stunning soundtrack to an elegant event, and either of these groups would be well-versed in those selections. You may even consider acoustic singer-songwriters or a one-man-band. The key is to keep the atmosphere relaxed and the music relatively mild.

Otherwise, it may threaten to overwhelm the space, which can make it difficult for your guests to talk to one another. It could also interfere with other events that might be taking place at the venue. 

The 1,026-square-foot Capital Room is on the fourth floor of the Club while the 541-square-feet Woodruff Room is on the fifth floor. You'll need to take noise considerations into account, and a more intimate entertainment selection is perfect. 

Amplify the Volume For a Bigger Crowd

Conversely, are you planning to host the event of the year at the Capital City Club? If your guest list spans a hundred people, then you might be eyeing the Ballroom, Peachtree, Venetian, or Bobby Dodd Room. At 4,829 square feet, the Ballroom is the largest in the group. 

In a room as spacious as this, you can afford to spread out a little. The same goes for any type of musical act you hire. Still, it's important to keep the ambiance of the space in mind. 

While you can go bigger and louder, you still want to keep the vibe classy and formal. That said, consider a local tribute band or a folk band. You can also choose an Atlanta wedding band or a jazz band, depending on your musical preferences. 

Consider Seated vs. Reception Spaces

As you browse your wedding music options, remember to keep the layout of each room in mind. If you plan to serve a seated dinner, then the capacity for each space will decrease. 

For instance, the Venetian Room can hold up to 100 people for a standing reception, but that number drops to 64 if everyone is seated. Chairs and tables take up room and can quickly crowd even a spacious area. For that reason, you may not be able to accommodate a sprawling band plus a seated meal. 

Interview your local prospects, and ask them what they will need to set up. Do they require a large stage or just a few microphones and a guitar? If it's the latter, then space will be less of an issue. 

However, large and energetic party bands usually require both a stage and a dance floor. With that in mind, make sure that everyone has room to jive before you book a big band or a DJ that will get them on their feet. 

Find the Perfect Music For Your Capital City Club Wedding 

As you plan your wedding at Atlanta's Capital City Club, you'll interact with various vendors who can bring your vision to life. We're happy to help you perfect the music portion of the event!

From soulful guitarists to nostalgic jazz trios, we can connect you with some of the top talent in the city. This way, you can focus on more pressing matters and make sure every part of your big day is perfect. 

Contact us to share a little more about your upcoming event. We'll work with you to help you find the perfect entertainment to bring everything -- and everyone -- together.