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Why a Live Wedding Guitarist Is a Must-Have for Your Big Day

Live Wedding Guitarist

The music at your wedding has the potential to make or break the entire atmosphere. Hiring a live musician like an event guitarist can completely transform the vibe of your big day and make it more memorable for you and your guests.

Are you in the middle of planning a wedding and are unsure about what choices to make when it comes to the music? It's easy to get overwhelmed. However, we're here to tell you about why you should hire a wedding guitarist for your wedding day.


It's a common misconception that booking a live wedding musician is a huge expense. However, having a wedding guitarist at your big day is actually relatively affordable.

The price of the musician will depend on how long you need them. Do you only want the guitarist to play at the reception? Or do you want them to play during the procession and during cocktail hour? It doesn't cost an arm and a leg to hire a guitarist.

More Personalized

Clients who engage with a reputable company like Blue Sky Atlanta will enjoy a more personalized wedding.

You will collaborate with us to design the music for your ideal day. Brides get to have a say in what kind of music gets played as well as what specific songs they want. In turn, the music that sets the tone at the wedding is a customized, personalized version that will make the moment memorable.

Better Performance

Given that you are paying for trained, degreed musicians, you can be sure that our performance will be of the highest caliber.

There are several changes in the scene during a wedding ceremony. Each of those times requires a separate piece of music, and we transition smoothly so that your ceremony flows. From prelude music to the commencement of the ceremony with the procession of the bridal party to the bride's great entrance, each of those moments requires a new piece of music. Additionally, we usually have extra music with us in case of delays.

No Technical Difficulties

Professional string musicians take care of everything on their own, unlike an iPad, laptop, or DJ.

When using pre-recorded or auto-tuned music at your wedding, you run the risk of the electronic device messing up or being unable to play the music at all. With a live guitarist, you won't have that type of issue!

Better Aesthetic

Any wedding ceremony and cocktail hour benefit from having a live guitarist.

Live music will affect your visitors' emotions in a manner that recorded music is unable to. We collaborate to create the overall appearance and feel that you desire for your wedding day as an additional team member on your team. We take our profession seriously as professionals, and we want each event we do to reflect that.

Consider Hiring a Wedding Guitarist for Your Special Day

Every bride wants her wedding day to be a special memory for everyone involved, and the best way to enhance the day is to hire a wedding guitarist. Now that you're aware of the reasons why a wedding guitarist is a great idea, you can book with confidence.

Ready to book live music professionals for your wedding or special event? Check out this page to get started!